Bring the power of Scotland to your next important event.

The Highland pipes and drums evoke many emotions ranging from patriotic zeal to gripping melancholy. They can be playful or dignified, rowdy or serene. They are the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of gatherings. The Metroplex United Pipe Band would love to help you plan an amazing event with Scottish flair.



life milestones

Many times, the touching strains of a lone piper playing "Amazing Grace" is exactly what is needed for that very special family gathering. Birthdays, weddings, funerals and memorial services can all be sweeter and more memorable because of the addition of a tasteful Scottish melody. Consider including a single piper, a small ensemble, or the whole band in your celebration.


corporate events

 Highlanders always know how to bring the fun. The lilting Scottish tunes can add a special whimsical atmosphere to your company party or picnic. Break away from the usual offerings and try something completely different -- it's a unique sound and flavor your employees and clients won't soon forget!


Municipal parades
and events

 The Highland bagpipes and drums accompanied men into battle for hundreds of years, and their strong, defiant tones suit military, law enforcement and firefighting events perfectly. MUPB has strong ties to these brave service organizations and would love to salute our men and women in uniform with well deserved pomp and respect.

What Our Clients Say

"Your band brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all!" -- Colin O'Brien

"It was awesome! We really appreciate your extra special touches during our party. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!" -- Michelle Hearn

"[Your music] was beautiful, and very moving. Thank you for playing and taking this request. You all did a beautiful job at interpreting my requests and playing so beautifully. All the comments I heard from the attendees were uplifting and positive." -- Deborah Scheimann.

Performance Levels

Different events each have their own needs. Your event may be short or long, indoors or outdoors, public or private. Here are some general guidelines regarding costs to help you when budgeting your event. Prices will vary with the length of the performance, distance to travel, and number of musicians you need. We are happy to visit with you if you have questions.

Single piper - $250 - $350
One piper and one drummer - $375 - $600
Mini-band of 2 pipers and one drummer - $450 - $1000
Small band of 3-4 pipers and 2 drummers - $750 - $1250
Full band of 6 or more pipers and 3-4 drummers - $1000 - $1750